Four Important Lessons I’ve Learned So Far In Life.

1. Your expectations will not always be met and that’s ok.

As we all know the higher the expectations the most likely you will be disappointed. 

Whether it’s an acquaintance who turns out to be a complete sociopath, or your tropical vacation going south because it ends up raining all week, things don’t always go the way we want them to.

There is so much pressure nowadays to live a perfect life, with perfect experiences and a perfect body that wasn’t ruined by binging on junk food during the Holiday season (thanks to social media), that we seem to forget that: Yes, shit happens.

Sometimes we just got to accept that there will be times where we try our hardest yet still miserably fail.

2. It’s ok to change.

As I recently learned in the Demimonde, many think that change is a sign of duplicity. I think it’s a sign of growth. As I entered this world when I was a college Sophomore almost two years ago, the perceptions I had then, and the reality I experience now are completely different. It took some time to find myself and present myself in a consistent, yet authentic manner; and I am not ashamed of it.

I am actually much happier in the new way I present myself, I no longer feel like “something is missing”. I feel like a better version of myself.

3. The world isn’t fair.

I do not believe in Karma. Here I said it. There are so many despicable individuals getting away with heinous acts without any fair retribution that it’s pretty hard to believe in an organized “universal” system that rewards the good guys and punishes the bad ones.

The truth is, you can be a complete angel yet have your legs chopped off in a car incident, while the murderous dictator gets to have another million dollar mansion and sleep in peace. You can be born in a desolate shantytown and miserably die of tuberculosis, while a rich, spoiled brat will get everything handed to them throughout their lifetime.

And that’s just how life is.

4. Never say more than necessary.

I used to like debating with others, challenging views and share my opinions as often as possible, but as time went by I realized that:

a) Not everyone can be reasoned with. Most often then not their response will be completely emotional, devoid of any kind of logic, and on top of that they will take it personally before going completely berserk, calling you names and entering the territory of ad hominem and straw men.

b) It feels pretty damn good to avoid conflict and just move on.

Natalia Nova