get exactly what you desire



You need an experience that is tailored just for you:


The Beloved/GFE: 

The perfect option if you are yearning for pure romance and want me as my most feminine, caring, and fun self; just like the ideal girlfriend. This is where you get to feel masculine, taken care of, and satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.


The Lustful/PSE: 

The perfect option if you are yearning for pure Erotica and want me as my kinkiest, dirtiest, naughtiest, and most obedient self. This is where we get to push our limits and give each other every bit of passion and energy we have.

Perfect if you’re into: Island adventures, Dirty talk, foot fetish, light chocking, costumes & role play, food play, restraints, impact play, age play, blindfolding, collar & leash etc.



I perceive our time as something special to savor with unhurried appreciation so we can form a true connection. Therefore, I have a preference for longer engagements.


PS: I NEVER discriminate against any race, ethnicity, or religious group.


Are you looking for a steamy Ménage-à-trois? Here are some girls I love to play with:

Victoria Rose (, Candice Carter (, Carmen Amar (


As a true Bisexual I enjoy both men and women equally; therefore, the rates for you are the same as my standard packages. There is no time minimum, however for the best experience possible I recommend you book at least two hours. 


Why wait when you can have me now? Whether it's spicing up your business trip in London, cuddling at your vacation home in Vermont, lounging at the beach in the Maldives, or simply a one-on-one visit in your hometown, I am always ready to go. With a well stamped passport, multilingual skills, and a heart consumed by wanderlust; I can help you forge beautiful memories one city at the time.

If this experience rocks your boat, please inquire for details.